Pension Board

Who Oversees the Pension Plan

The DeKalb County Pension Board as provided by state law oversees the DeKalb County Pension Plan. The nine members on the Pension Board are as follows:

Voting Members
Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County
Two members elected by the Board of Commissioners
Two members elected to a four-year term by the active participants of the Plan
One member elected to a four-year term by the retired participants of the Plan
One member, appointed by the above six members

Non-Voting Members
Director of Finance, DeKalb County
Director of Human Resources & Merit System, DeKalb County

Ethics Policy

Please do not contact Pension Board members for general administrative issues such as address changes, financial information, etc. Contact the Pension Administration Department at (404) 371-2296 for administration support.


Pension Board

Name Phone Email Address
John F. McMullan
BOC Appointee
(404) 873-1919 
Michael Thurmond
CEO, DeKalb County
(404) 371-6271
Dianne McNabb
CFO, DeKalb County
(404) 371-2745
James E. Hendrix
Employee Representative
(404) 814-8900 
Benita Ransom
HR & Merit System Director
(404) 371-2332 
Robert L. Robertson
Retiree Representative
(404) 314-4574
Edmund J. Wall
Pension Board Chairman
(404) 405-1567
David Littlefield
BOC Appointee
(404) 808-5414
D'Lisa Stevens
Employee Representative
(404) 371-2626