Employee Information

All permanent officers, employees and deputies and employees who perform any service for the benefit of DeKalb County for which they are paid a salary, including part-time employees and elected officials, are required to participate in the DeKalb County Pension Plan.

Plan Contributions
The contributions to the Plan are from two sources: the County and the employee. The Plan is a “defined benefit plan,” not a “defined contribution plan.” This means that your pension benefit is not determined by how much money is paid into the Plan; instead, you will receive a pension based on your length of service and average salary.

Applying for Benefits
When you decide to retire, you should notify the Pension Department approximately two months prior to your retirement date to obtain an official estimate of your pension benefit.  Appointments must be scheduled by the 10th day of the month of retirement.  Please contact Felecia Harris at 404-371-2759 to schedule a retirement appointment.

Refunding Contributions

Persons who have not accumulated the minimum time of service needed to qualify for a pension benefit will automatically be issued a refund within 90 days of termination. Those who have met the vesting requirements of their plan will be issued a refund unless they request the Pension Administrator to freeze the contributions until retirement.